Album Review: Cory Wells - The Way We Are

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The Way We Are

Pure Noise Records




There’s a lot of great music out there, but every so often a new artist comes along that just blows us away. With lead single “Broken,” acoustic singer-songwriter Cory Wells set the bar high with his emotionally charged vocals fueling the lyrics. Most importantly, though, the single did the trick to leaving us wanting more! With his debut full-length The Way We Are (due out November 15, 2019), he more than satisfies our craving. The universal theme that ties this 11-song collection together is rooted in relationships – the good, the bad, the hurts, and the ugly! Whether he’s pushing someone away and building a wall as he does on album opener “Distant” where he repeatedly confesses, “stay away from me, the devil’s got the best of me,” juxtaposing between the feelings of confusion and sadness as he painfully sings of relationships ending on “Keiko,” “End of a Good Thing,” and “Walk Away,” or discovering the anger when realizing who the people you’ve trusted the most really are deep down inside on “Wildfire,” at the center of it all is Cory Wells perfectly balancing his voice in all the right places to deliver the punch the lyrics need, against the incredible work of his acoustic melodies. I always personally love an album that can’t really be classified one way or the other; I feel that it gives us an overall snapshot of all the different sides of an artist-songwriter. With that said, you can call this new-era emo, acoustic driven rock, or even Americana, but regardless of what you want to classify it as, at the heart of the album is solid songwriting, great vocals that enhance the depth of the lyrics, and songs that attentively hold you as they hit you in all the feels.

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