Album Review: The Alchemy - Chemical Daydream

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Chemical Daydream

Standby Records




With exception of a few bands that are on the mainstream rock charts right now, rock music has gone pretty flat for the most part these days. But then comes along The Alchemy with their first full-length album Chemical Daydream; the follow-up release to their 2016 debut EP Modern Age. There is a conflict of the best kind that takes place throughout this album as it’s a collection of indie rock infused tracks that have the anathematic feel of arena rock injected with an early 2000’s alternative feel giving them a signature sound that sits somewhere between fresh and new, but old and familiar. The alternative rock soaked guitar riffs of album opener “Diamond Bones,” recalls the post-grunge era, while the splashes of electronic elements and smoothly delivered vocals gives us an indication of what to expect going forward as we dive into the radio-ready “Take Me Alive” and lead single, “Better The Devil You Know.” For the most part, the first half of the album is pretty-clean, straight-ahead rock that sees a band homing in on what they do best. However, the second half of the album, starting with the pop influenced, slower paced “Intertwined,” gets a little more experimental as we dig forward with the dirty guitar driven “We’re All Just Criminals,” “A Slave To Gravity,” and album closer, “Chemical Daydream.” While this album gives us all the signatures that tells us exactly who the band is and where they are headed, it also throws a major curve ball at us by giving us a taste of their more experimental side as well. Overall, Chemical Daydream has a side 1/side 2 feel to it; almost as if it’s two different EP’s smashed together to create a full-length album.

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