Album Review: Tsunami Bomb - The Spine That Binds

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The Spine That Binds

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Tsunami Bomb was an integral part of the punk rock scene during the first five years of the decade. They built a strong fan base through buzzworthy appearances on Warped Tour and with strong album releases The Ultimate Escape and The Definitive Act. But then they disbanded in 2005. After a few reunion performances, a rarities release, and the addition of Kate Jacobi on lead vocals in 2015, the group officially reunited and are now ready to re-emerge with their brand-new album The Spine That Binds. Our first taste of the new material came by lead single “The Harthors,” and with it, the group re-introduced their familiar dark, moody, pop-punk sound; something that is spread throughout this album on songs such as “Dead Man Can’t Catcall” and “Wake The Dead.” However, they don’t just stay in that one lane. As “Tidal” opens the album, they showcase their signature sound on an entirely new level, stamping down the fact that says, “while this may be familiar, it’s a brand-new chapter.” Whether you’re singing along with the “whoa oh’s” on “Naysayers,” bouncing along with the radio-friendly pop-punk vibe of songs like “Sinkhole,” or punking out with the old-school feel of “Lullaby For The End of the World” or the riot girl tilted title track, “The Spine That Binds,” Tsunami Bomb perfectly weaves you in and out of a place that teeters between the old and new, the dark and moody, and the in your face spirit of classic punk rock. There’s something to be said for honoring your own past, but there’s also something to be said for allowing yourself to spread your wings and become who you are today. That is exactly what Tsunami Bomb has done with The Spine That Binds.

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