Album Review: Convey - City of Skin and Bone

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City of Skin and Bone

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With recording sessions that started back in 2017, shortly after alternative rockers Convey created a major buzz with their EP and its title song “Speed Dial,” it’s been two long years of anticipation for fans, but the wait is finally over; their new album City of Skin and Bone officially releases today (November 15, 2019). Many of the songs will be familiar to their longtime fans due to hearing them performed live, albeit they are reimagined and much more developed which gives them a new feel of sorts. Lead singer Ben Cohen will initially draw you into songs such as “Devour” or “Crayon” with his vocal prowess that can sometimes draw comparisons to the legendary Robert Plant. However, Convey isn’t content on staying in that one box and only relying on Cohen to carry the vibe. Encompassing all their different sides, they wrap a little bit of everything into this album; from the modern alternative tune “Freaks,” to the power pop gem “Terror,” the more straight-ahead pop infused “Boiler Room,” and the creepy, almost Halloween type of vibe on new single “The Way.” It took a few listens for this album to grow on me, partially because I was trying to place why this sounded so familiar, and partially because I couldn’t figure out specifically why it did. There’s no doubt that this album is a bit all over the place, but it still manages to stay centered on the signatures that define the band – clean, enticing vocals and crisp melodies that hold you in each song regardless of style being presented. There’ s a rock renaissance happening at mainstream radio right now with bands such as Greta Van Fleet, Dirty Honey, and Rival Sons. Convey slides right into that mix with sound that fits snuggly between honoring the past, but also stepping toward the future.


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