Album Review: Flight Club - Recreational Love

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Recreational Love

Open Your Ears Records




Flight Club’s “Discount Drugs,” the lead single from their new EP Recreational Love, gave us a raw, lo-fi garage rock sound that carried a swagger as it smashed perfectly together with punk rock ideals that made us instantly fall in love with it. So now that the EP has officially been released, how does it stack up? Though they still retain their rawness and garage rock feel, these 6-tracks also showcase the many different layers of who they are as a band. Whereas “Discount Drugs” carried a punk rock grittiness to it, “Hard Luck” stays more in the mid-tempo alternative rock range, while “Strangers After” and “Yours” give us a cleaner feel that allows the vocals to take center stage and pull you into the lyrics while the music takes more of an accompanying role rather than an in your face punch. However “All Hell,” which is truly the odd man out, stands tall as the centerpiece of the album as it relies on loud, guitar riffs smashing together with a synth driven melody to drag you into what can best be described as a dance between elements of metal, indie rock, and screamo. Lyrically, this mostly carries overall themes of self-acceptance, self-reflection, and understanding that where you’re at today isn’t where you’re stuck. I can honestly say that this EP was not what I thought I’d be hearing after spinning “Discount Drugs,” but that’s not a bad thing at all. Rather than a band honing in on one sound in particular and delivering 6-songs that all sound the same, Flight Club seems to use each song to accentuate their strengths by switching up the melodies, taking some risks, and going outside of the box from song-to-song to create something they can uniquely call their own.


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