EP Review: Movin In Stereo - New Blood

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New Blood

Wiretap Records




Sweden has given the punk rock scene a slew of great bands: the garage-rock of The Hives, the post-hardcore group Refused, and the straight-ahead punk rockers Millencolin – the latter, which is who Movin In Stereo fits in most perfectly with. Following their buzzworthy single “Authority Blues,” Wiretap Records announced today that group’s latest EP New Blood was coming to vinyl in early 2020. So, what can you expect to hear from this 6-song collection? From the start of the EP with “Life on Standby” and “Hollow Sounds,” you’re introduced to a melodic punk sound that is very reminiscent of the 1990’s Fat Wreck Chords and Epitaph bands. The guitars are riff heavy, the rhythm section heart-pounding, and the raw, rough around the edge vocals – which are a signature feature of the band – give each line of the lyrics a kick of honesty. However, as you press forward Movin in Stereo showcases their ability to toss together a cleaner, more pop-punk driven sound, as we hear on “Flicker In The Flame” and “Strike Together,” but also their ability to pull from the darker side of the early 2000’s era on closer, “House of Fire.” To say that there’s a lot of different things going on over these 6-songs, would be absolutely correct! But within all that motion of what they bring to the table, Movin in Stereo never loses sight of who they are: a punk rock band in it’s purest form. In a sense, punk rock music was always a bit taboo and that’s what made it exciting. In the modern era, though, punk rock has become more mainstream acceptable. Movin in Stereo finds a perfect balance that splits the middle of these two ideas, and as such, they accomplish the difficult task of grabbing fans from both sides of the proverbial punk rock line.


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