EP Review: A Will Away - Soup

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Music is supposed to say something. It’s supposed to invoke emotions out of the listener. That’s the key factor to keeping them coming back to listen again and again. A Will Away does just that with their new EP Soup, their first new music since the release of their 2017 debut full-length High Hopes. The EP is very reminiscent of the 1990’s alternative music scene when bands from all sides of the spectrum got their chance to shine; from the uber popular mainstream groups, to the more indie, underground acts such as Dinosaur Jr. Sebadoh, Sonic Youth, etc. It was a wonderful free-for-all at radio and MTV that went outside the normal box and dared to be different. Very similar to what A Will Away does on Soup. Whether they’re relying on crisp, solid melodies with songs such as “Soft Shell” or “Long Exposure,” the fuzz of a well-placed guitar on “Sea Hag Blues,” or the echo-like, garage rock effect at the beginning of “TOIFMG,” A Will Away does a balancing act between a variety of sounds to create an indie rock vibe to call their own. At the heart of every song, though, are lyrics rooted in honest, human behavior and the vice’s we choose to help us cope with the confusions of life. However, none of it is done in a negative, judgmental fashion, but rather a truthful, real, and oftentimes encouraging way such as on closing track “Long Exposure,” a song in which vocalist Matt Carlson showcases his higher range as he sings the line, “this too shall pass.” This EP would have been classified as college rock back in the day and that’s a perfect fit for where this sits today. The strongest way to describe something like this, is like an old hand-me down recipe; it’s a little bit of indie, a dash of emo, some pop elements to give it flavor, and a heavy dose of depth!


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