Album Review: Vain Vipers - Self-Titled

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There was a time when rock music was all about partying, girls, partying some more, some more girls, and so forth. That time was the 1980’s. Hair metal and glam reigned supreme on mainstream rock radio until Nirvana and grunge music came along and changed the whole game. However, from the moment the guitars kick in and lead singer Mick hits the high notes on album opener “I Hate You,” the Italian glam rock band Vain Vipers will instantly transport you back to the era of arena rock, big guitar licks, and even bigger hair with their self-titled, debut album. First introduced through their music videos for “Kissy Doll,” “Reach Me In The Dark Side,” and “Lost In Your Eyes,” the obligatory ballad that every band of this style has to have in their arsenal, Vain Vipers has now given us a refreshing album that’s dripping with the swagger of the 1980’s Sunset Strip scene. They pull influence from the sleazy rock style of bands like Motley Crue and Hanoi Rocks with extremely catchy songs “Bitch Please (Shut Up)” and “80’s Whore,” channel an inner Guns-N-Roses with riffs that would make Slash’s ears perk up on “Rock-N-Roll,” and give us the centerpiece of the album with “Let’s Party,” an up-tempo rocker that covers the entire spectrum of what this album has to offer as a whole with signature gang vocals, catchy sing-a-long’s, slick guitar riffs, and a rhythm that gets you dancing. There’s no doubt that a rock renaissance is happening at mainstream radio right now with bands like Greta Van Fleet, Rival Sons, and Dirty Honey, which leaves the door open for a band such as Vain Vipers to slide right into the mix. While this album fits snuggly alongside a scene from a bygone era, Vain Vipers are careful to never sound dated or out of style which makes this album a gem to the modern glam rock era that is upon us.

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