Album Review: Moon Tooth - Crux

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With their first full-length LP Chromaparagon, Long Island prog-metal group Moon Tooth instantly stamped down their foot as a force to be reckon with in the hard rock/metal genre. They earned critical acclaim and won over fans with incredibly energetic live performances that took their songs to new heights. This all combined to make their sophomore album Crux one of the most anticipated releases of 2019. “Trust,” which opens the album, instantly introduces you to the purely metal inspired vocals that bounce between arena rock’s heyday and today’s modern rock, catchy guitar licks, and their pulse-pounding rhythms. But it’s their playing with odd time signatures that quickly becomes the true staple of what makes this band tick and the definition this album. Juxtaposing between so many sonic changes from the song to song, Moon Tooth balances against edges of punk (see “Rhythm and Roar”) and prog metal (see “Awe At The Angels”), while consistently placing the focus on the heavy guitar riffs that pull from the melodic side while assaulting you from every angle (see “Musketeers” or “Thumb Spike”), and on the incredible lead vocals that elevate the choruses to a soaring level. The songs that feel the most out of sync with the rest of the album are title track “Crux” and “Through Ash”; the only mostly slower paced songs on the album, but the ones that also allow the most room for the lead vocals of John Carbone to shine as they hold you in the lyrics and grip you without being overpowered by the instrumentation. Whereas most rock music today falls very flat and stays in snug little box, Moon Tooth comes along with an album that refuses to follow any of the conventional rules. They color way outside of the lines on this album, but it’s because of the risks they’re willing to take that they’re quickly carving out their own niche within an otherwise crowded hard rock/metal genre.

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