EP Review: Cro-Mags - From The Grave

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From The Grave

Victory Records




The hardcore punk rock scene was revisited by a very familiar face earlier this year (2019) when the Harley Flanagan led Cro-Mags released Don’t Give In, their first new music in 19 years. We were then treated with the release of “From The Grave” a few short months later; another new song which featured heavy-metal legend Phil Campbell of Motorhead lending his guitar chops to the motivational anthem. More importantly, it’s the title track of, and provided us with our first look at their brand-new 3-song EP. Whereas a lot of bands have trouble staying in their lane, the Cro-Mags don’t really suffer in that department much. “PTSD” is a rowdy, guitar driven song that relies on Flanagan’s vocals to deliver the force of the lyrics while it perfectly twists together the New York hardcore sound of the 80’s that they helped establish with the driving force of classic speed metal. However, what’s very interesting is the inclusion of the EP’s closing track, “Between Wars,” a song which Flanagan wrote for a film of the same title. While Cro-Mags have established themselves as a brash, in-your face, hardcore punk rock group that takes no prisoners, this song is 100% instrumental and sits back more in the pocket as the music slowly builds over the nearly 6-minute song without ever truly dipping into the signature feel the group is known for, showcasing the depth that his writing can delve in to. Cro-Mags have had a big second half in 2019. We’ve gotten 6 new songs over two EP’s, their first music video in 27 years, and a tour across the US and Europe. All these factors have given us a pretty clear affirmation that they’re primed and ready to re-establish the exciting NY hardcore scene and carry the flag of it into 2020; the same way they did during their original run.

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