EP Review: Crossed Keys - Saviors

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After the punk rock explosion to the mainstream in the mid-90’s, the door was wide open for bands to find their place amongst their scenes and melodic punk rock stood tall among them. Bands like 88 Fingers Louie, Lifetime, Good Riddance, and Kid Dynamite all held their own – the latter two, which drummer Dave Wagunshutz was an integral part of, just as he his with new project Crossed Keys who have recently released their EP Saviors. Fronted by Joshua Alvarez (Halo of Snakes), you’re thrust into the EP with “Time of Grace” and quickly introduced to their brand of melodic hardcore infused punk rock that relies as much on the assault of your senses from guitar and drums, as it does the spitfire vocals of Alvarez. Sticking close to that familiar drive of the melodic hardcore sound, Crossed Keys leans heavy on it with songs such as “R.J.A.” and the EP’s title track, “Saviors.” But it’s when they give us a much cleaner, more radio friendly vibe on tracks such as “1212” and “Everything Breaks,” a song that gets you instantly singing along with “whoa’s” and was more-or-less used as the lead single thanks to a music video earlier this year, that they take this EP from something that only fills a much needed niche in today’s scene, to something that every 90’s punk rocker can easily grasp onto. To say that Crossed Keys sounds completely identical to the projects their members were part of in their past would be a false statement. This is something new, and with different players involved there also becomes different signatures that each bring to the table. However, they’re certainly influenced by their own past, and because of it, Saviors ends up sounding like a refreshing lost album from the era where melodic punk rock reigned supreme.

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