EP Review: Heart Like War - Thoughts On This

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Thoughts On This

Indie Vision




Since the Ramones first burst onto the scene in the late 1970’s, every generation thereafter has had their respective versions of pop-punk to call their own. Though critics and scenesters have panned the subgenre over the years, truth is, people flock to the bands in droves for the catchy melodies, sing-along with anthems, and relatable lyrics that touch on everyday life, love, and all it’s confusing moments. While bands like All Time Low, Set It Off, and Neck Deep carried the pop-punk flag on a major level in recent years, there’s also been an entire scene underneath that with raw, pop punk bands; bands such as Southern Cali’s Heart Like War, who since 2009 have been giving us solid pop-punk and have just released their brand-new EP Thoughts On This. Relying on all the familiar staples that define the sub-genre, Heart Like War pulls you through their 6-track/17-minute EP by staying in the up-tempo lane from start to finish. They sing of blurring the friendship lines with an ill-timed kiss that changed the dynamic of the relationship on “Fake Friends,” of frantically pursuing the chance to make a special moment before it’s too late and time passes by on “Last Night,” and they challenge the dreamers to take the nothing is impossible leap while more-or-less flipping the bird to anyone who ever told them they’d never amount to anything on “Of Your Story.” With a sound that is very reminiscent of the pre-Dude Ranch era Blink 182, listeners will love the familiarity they hear when they hit play. However, where Thoughts On This soars is in the fact that these 6-songs lets you know that you’re not alone in whatever situation you’re dealing with, making this EP feel like that good friend you can lean on to help get you through.

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