Album Review: Omnigone - No Faith

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No Faith

Bad Time Records




Growing up in the mid-90’s punk scene was a blessing we didn’t even know we were experiencing at the time. Pop-punk, punk rock, and ska/punk all made their way to mainstream radio, but more importantly, opened the door for bands to gain major notoriety outside of only their local scenes; bands like Link 80. As with anything though, time passes, people change, the music fades, and the band’s we once loved break up. But every so often a familiar face returns and challenges their former projects with something fresh and new – such as what Adam Davis (Link 80) is doing with his newest project OmniGone and their debut full-length No Faith. Although the album opens with the in your face hardcore tune “BTC,” this style doesn’t return to the album until much later with songs “Burn It Down” and album closer “West Coast East Bay.” Instead, OmniGone gets right to quickly showing you the ska/punk flavorings that you might expect from a band that contains former members of the Link 80 and the RX Bandits on bouncy tracks “Horizontal Aggression,” “Stitch In Time,” “Six Feet Deep,” “New Way,” and “Obituary.” There’s even a touch of a chilled-out reggae vibe on “Rather Be Alone.” There’s a power pack of aggression that fuses together with up-tempo vibes to keep you moving and grooving, which gives this album a genuine throwback feel that you might expect from Adam Davis since he was a part of the prevalent heyday of ska’s third wave. However, as much as there’s a great throwback feel to the bygone era, Davis has carefully crafted these songs in such a unique way that it never feels like an album that’s out of touch, but rather something that’s completely in sync with what the punk rock scene needs in the here and now.

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