Album Review: All Eyes West - Like Lightning

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Like Lightning

Jumpstart Records




There are bands that hit the mainstream and become the definition to what type of sound comes from their regional area. But lurking underneath the mainstream’s cookie-cutter sound, is the actual scene of that said area; The bands that truly define the sound and create the entire feel that those mainstream acts are born out of. Bands like Chicago’s All Eyes West, who since 2010 has been carving out their niche with a sound that falls somewhere between 90’s alternative rock/grunge smashing together with melodic punk. Any pre-conceived notions you may have had about what this new album would sound like based on the group’s past efforts are quickly throw to the wayside when “As I Bleed” kicks things off with raw, energy fueled guitar riffs, a heart pounding rhythm section (that includes drummer Ronnie DiCola of The Arrivals making his first album appearance with All Eyes West), and grit fueled vocals that encompass the emotion of the lyric. As you press forward you’ll discover a band elevating all their best assets from song to song; “Simple You” relies on the guitar riff to chug you through, “The Interference” pulls you in with its bass line, “Death Wave” moves into hardcore territory, while “Cast Iron Life” and “Chasing Light” are the songs that earn this group fair comparisons to the Foo Fighters. Regardless of which direction the song moves, though, they very wisely keep the vocals out in front to allow the raw, honesty of the lyrics to always be the focal point. Overall, Like Lightning is everything that you’d want from a veteran band at this stage of their careers. There’s some darker lyrics in comparison to their past, and the music turns more aggressive at times, but this is a band who clearly knows who they are while not being afraid to stretch outside the box to deliver a body of work that carries the familiarity to draw in the longtime fans, while exhibiting the know how to still offer something fresh, exciting, and new.

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