EP Review: Which Witch - Self-Titled

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If we’re being 100% honest, then we have to say that while we enjoy a lot of today’s music in the punk rock scene, most of it has also been completely watered down and grown further away from the grit and underground vibe that was a signature of the scene back in the day. That’s why when a band like New Jersey’s Which Witch comes to our attention, we take notice! A snippet of the iconic line from The Wizard of Oz - “Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?” – opens the 3-song EP before giving way to a rowdy, guitar riff that allows the thumping drums and pounding bass to fill in around it as they come together to push you into “Reborn Against,” a song which leans against the spew of the 90’s hardcore inspired vocals of Natale Amato to deliver the lyrics that sing of overcoming your own obstacles by reaching your final straw. Whereas all the instrumentation smashes together with the honesty of the vocals to elevate “Reborn Against,” “Beard Speed” leans first on the simplicity of the music and vocals to grip you and tug you into the song before kicking into gear when the guitar wraps around the fury of the lyrics that scream of an unbalanced, toxic relationship that only works within its disfunction. “Existential Dementia,” however, stands as the odd man out. Where the other two songs clock in at under 3 minutes each, and rely on the heavy assault of all your senses from the instrumentation and vocals, this song clocks in at over 4 minutes and contains an extended intro and a much softer pace – showcasing a completely other, unexpected side, to who Which Witch is as a band. You can certainly label these three tracks as post-hardcore or post-punk, but perhaps instead of labeling them, just accept them to be good, solid tunes that are full of the raw grit needed to fill the gap in today’s too accessible punk rock scene.

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