Album Review: Thirsty Curses - Self-Titled

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With so much music out there today and readily available at the click of button, for a band to find their own unique niche sometimes takes a willingness to combine so many different influences that no two of your songs sound the same. Of course, there’s an incredible risk with that idea, but when it comes together just right your band becomes an anomaly amongst a vanilla scene. Since forming in 2017, Raleigh, North Carolina’s Thirsty Curses has been taking that risk. Though they’re a garage rock band at their core, they show us how much more diverse they are then that on their newest self-titled release, their follow-up to 2018’s All Shook Up. The album opens with the up-tempo “VHS Release,” a song that can’t be pigeonholed but can best be described as one that sounds like it was plucked from the more obscure side of the mid-90’s alternative explosion. However, as you press forward into the album you quickly realize you’re in for a wild ride. From the Refreshments tinged “Smash-Hit,” to the toe-tapping “You Don’t Have To Tell Me,” and the spastically haunting, jaunty melody of the piano laced “Cold Black Ink,” Thirsty Curses gives us slight touches of punk, folk, country, 90’s alternative, and even Americana with songs such as “Slice of Paradise” and “Red Marks,” but never truly dips more than a toe into the water of each sound. This album is all over the place stylistically, but that doesn’t mean that sitting in the middle of each song is what becomes their signature; top-notch songwriting! Speaking in Nashville terms (where we’re from), Thirsty Curses is a band that we could easily see sliding onstage at the legendary Ryman Auditorium as part of AmericanaFest, but then after that set, scooting on down the road to the Exit/In (notorious rock club) and fitting the vibe of each venue perfectly.

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