EP Review: Ache - Self-Titled

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There’s hot beds of punk spread out all over the world. In the states, you have places like New York and LA that instantly come to mind. Places like the UK make a lot of sense to mention. But Indonesia? That’s not somewhere you usually associate with punk rock, but it’s exactly where indie/emo-based group Ache hails from. Their self-titled, sophomore EP has already earned them comparisons to artists such as The Broadways and Tuesday, both who are from our original hometown of Chicago and we’ve seen perform many times back in the day. Musically, I’d say that those comparisons are right on the money. However, where Ache separates themselves is that they stay on the fairly uplifting and motivational side lyrically as they sing: “Fight these griefs and tears, your smile now” on “Hospital Bed,” “Be tough to face this hard life, don’t let yourself into storm, set yourself as a conqueror” on “Clear Eyes Wide Heart,” and “These fears are the things we used to moan and bear, we shall conquer it” on “Tummo.” Most of the 6-songs balance on their 90’s emo driven influences, but there’s also the occasional dip into the pop-punk side of things with “Lens” or album closer “Dread.” From start to finish, Ache keeps this EP on the catchy, up-tempo side with melodies that grip you and pull you into the songs, but it’s the lyrics singing straight to a hurting world that keep you interested. Though there’s some language gaps from time to time, that proves to be a good thing as it’s in those moments when the emotion of the vocals carries you through the feelings embedded deep within’ each line. Only time will tell where Ache goes from here, but as it stands right now, Indonesia could be a punk scene to dig a little deeper into thanks to what Ache has accomplished with this EP.

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