EP Review: The Region - Everything I've Got

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Everything I’ve Got

Independent Release




Growing up in the late 90’s Chicagoland area, I was blessed to be part of a thriving pop-punk scene with Allister, Fall Out Boy, LBC, Mest, Showoff, and many more. But in the here and now, with the help of bands such as Real Friends, Hot Alice, The Hoodie Life, and Wilmette, there’s a pop-punk revival happening in the Chicagoland area. Enter Hobart, Indiana’s (50 miles outside the city limits) The Region, and their new EP Everything I’ve Got. The spirit of pop-punk is there from the get-go on “Giving Up,” a song which features Free Throw’s Cory Castro and relies on its catchiness to keep you bopping along with a lyric similar to that of Mest’s “Drawing Board,” in that it uses the idea of not being able to find the words to say when trying to write a song to cleverly equate that to the feeling of being stuck in an empty routine. A similar pop-punk feel can also be heard on “Life In Retrograde” and “The One You Need” - the latter which uses a slick guitar riff to initially draw you in before kicking the energy up and giving way to lyrics that tackle the tough nature of a conversation of having to let someone down due to not sharing the same feelings of them, that they have for you. But as you push forward, you’ll discover a band that stretches their pop punk layers to explore deeper, more emo infused lyrics, while playing with the familiarity of the common sound that pop-punk offers, and yet, unapologetically exploring the edges of the proverbial box to give their sound a unique touch as well (see songs such as “Back of My Mind” and acoustic closer “Chaser”). The Region uses catchy guitars, bouncy melodies, and an up-tempo blitz of songs to explore topics of loneliness, feeling stuck, and battling with yourself, but they also leave proper amounts of room for the vocals to deliver the true emotion of each lyric. It’s great to see bands from our hometown embracing the roots of the scene we once knew, and it’s even better to be able to add The Region to the list of bands that are carrying it ahead to the next generation.

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