Album Review: Deletto - "OldKID"

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The rock music genre is very crowded right now with new artists trying to scratch and claw their way to making their mark. Sadly, most new acts feel like watered down versions of what’s been done before and are often overlooked because of their lack of ingenuity. But then Northern New Jersey’s Chris Deletto comes along with his debut album OldKID and breaks down the doors by changing the entire game! An incredible build that’s rooted in a simple piano melody on album opener “Runaway” instantly grabs your attention and commands that you listen as it allows his vocals and lyrics to stand in the spotlight for nearly the first 2 minutes of the song before the drums and guitars swirl into the mix. Similarly, “Where the Wild Sleep” follows a slow build to drive the song to its focal point while allowing Deletto’s incredible songwriting to surface. There is an unbalanced balance (if that makes sense) as you progress through the album. Songs such as “Stay Young” and “Hold My Mind” sit in the pocket of modern alternative styles, “Dazed and Fine” is an all out rocker that allows the simplicity of the guitar riff to capture you and bounce you through the melody, he dips into a slower pace on “All We Are,” and “Violence Defines Her” relies more on a beat to hold your attention as he somewhat nods to his hip-hop past. Album closer “Last One,” a slower paced tune that is somehow uplifting through its haunting melody, acts as the perfect bookend to opener “Runaway” thanks to the piano that laces its instrumentation. They say that there’s beauty in the chaos and that statement couldn’t be more truthful with this album. Over 11 songs, Chris Deletto has masterfully introduced us to who is as an artist, vocalist, and songwriter. No two songs ever really sound alike, but they someone all fit together and allow this album to still flow smoothly from start to finish.

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