EP Review: The Warhawks - Stardust Disco

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Stardust Disco

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There’s always bands labeled as “ones to watch” by the critics, and Gloucester City, New Jersey’s The Warhawks certainly found themselves on many of those lists after delivering their 2019 EP Never Felt So Good – a great snapshot of their indie rock/garage punk influenced sound. But as with any band who finds themselves on those lists, it’s really the next batch of music that defines them. Stardust Disco, the brand-new EP from The Warhawks, is that next batch of music for them. The rhythm of the drumbeat pounds into the fuzz of the guitars on opening track “Deliver” as they build through the 30 second intro before giving way to their signature indie rock/punk infused sound that is quickly reminiscent of legendary groups like The Clash as it is gritty, raw, catchy, and will instantly grip you and have you singing along with the snappiness of the verses and fist-pumping vibe of the chorus – traits that will also be heard later on “Dire” as well. However, whereas “Deliver” presented their indie rock/punk inspired sound, “I Can’t Wait” hits more on their power pop vibe and leans on it’s melody that mixes together a pinch of The Beatles, a dash of influence from Fastball, and a whole lot of the defining characteristics that make The Warhawks so good: clap-a-long chorus with just enough pop sensibility to add a certain catchiness to what is decisively an indie rock gem. As you near the end of the EP, “Hang Around” comes at you and refreshingly delivers what I consider to be the standout track of the EP as it combines the feel of early 1960’s rock-n-roll with touches of surf rock, Motown, and all the right grooves to pull you back to the era of rock-n-roll that defined music as we know it today. Earning the critics tag as “one to watch” only puts pressure on a band to deliver a follow-up that turns them into a “band who’s arrived.” Over 6-songs in 19 minutes, Stardust Disco achieves that for The Warhawks. This EP showcases a band that’s grown leaps and bounds between releases over the past year, and although it’s only February, we have our first contender for those year-end lists for 2020! (Album Artwork By: Stephen F. James)

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