Album Review: Pet Crow - Take The Edge Off

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Take The Edge Off

No Sleep Records




Every so often a band comes along who’s overall sounds hits on aspects of everything I like – flashes of CBGB’s 70’s styled punk rock, pieces of garage rock flamed with the fuel of bands like The Kinks, and a raw energy that brings together several different elements of what made mid-1990s alternative so exciting. Right now, that band is Pet Crow! The UK based group who have just released their sophomore album Take The Edge Off. They kick off the album with a dose of inspired, 90’s alternative sound on “Limbo,” a something they also gave us on the album’s lead single “What We Doin’,” and the album closer “Prick.” However, smashed in between the similar sound of those opening and closing bookends, sits tracks such as “Insomnia” and the title track “Take The Edge Off,” both which transport you back to the dirty, gritty, raw 1970s era of CBGB’s, so much so that you can almost feel the sweat dripping on you from the band on stage as you pound a fist in the air and scream along. They also play with some interesting production effects that mix in hints of garage toned surf vibes on songs such as “One Whole Summer” and “Controlling.” Lyrically, this album is deep as a theme erupts that sees them singing of the heavy issues they’ve dealt with directly; bouts with anxiety, depression, drug addiction, etc. But they are also clever enough with their writing to do it such a way that their personal stories mirror many of our own, which allows us the opportunity to relate our own struggles to these songs. Relateable lyrics, a throwback sound that never feels dated or out of touch, and raw honesty from the first track to the last; what else could you possibly be looking for on an album other than that?

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