EP Review: Vista - The Repair

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The Repair

Independently Released




Since emerging in 2017, New York based VISTA has continuously been making their mark with their brand of electronic driven alternative rock through their numerous tours and solid single releases. In this, what they have labeled “The Trilogy Era,” the group is ambitiously releasing a series of three concept EP’s which all play off one another. The latest, The Repair, is the second of the trilogy and picks up right where the previously released The Ruins left off. Whereas The Ruins put all their personal struggles out there, The Repair focuses on working through them. They first set the pace with the 40-second instrumental title track as it leads us into the album with a slow, prodding feel that pulls together a certain degree of dark and eerie tones before giving way to “Crutches,” a song which instantly showcases their incredible blend of rock that swirls in heavy use of synth and the hypnotic touch of pop ideals thanks to frontwoman Hope Vista’s incredible vocals. And this is only the beginning! As you move ahead, the relatable theme of moving on from relationships comes to the forefront of lead single “Dirty Laundry” and “No Nostalgia,” the latter which includes stellar lines such as “you used to be the cure to the poison.” The EP rounds out with “Dear John,” where Vista walks through her thoughts in the aftermath of “all the consequences of sleeping with him,” but the group also masterfully places a few simple beats at the end of each verse, just before the chorus, that adds an element to the song that makes me think these were done with the intention to imitate a quick heartbeat. Though it leans on darker lyrics that paint pictures of hurting emotions, conflicting thoughts, and some regret, in its own way, The Repair is a challenge to look from the inside out at our choices and how to deal with them in order to heal and move forward.


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