Album Review: Spanish Love Songs - Brave Faces Everyone

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Brave Faces Everyone

Pure Noise Records




Since releasing their debut album Giant Sings the Blues, LA based indie/emo group Spanish Love Songs have been carving out their own unique path in the middle of an otherwise crowded scene. With Brave Faces Everyone, their third album overall, the group takes their next major step forward. We were given several tastes of the album over the past month with the releases of “Kick,” “Losers 2,” and “Beachfront Property,” all which gave us a sound that carried the familiarity of early 2000’s melodic punk, wrapped around the signature shudder and tremble of Dylan Slocum’s voice as he anxiously sung us through frantic emotions that leaned heavy on the pessimistic side. Likewise, as the title of the album suggests, this explores those moments of life when we most need to try and rise above the downside’s we’re stuck in. “Routine Pain” slowly builds as the album opens and allows Slocum’s voice to carry the song before the instrumentation fully kicks in. A weirdly optimistic twist in the middle of the otherwise negative toned lyrics, Slocum explores the truth of himself with lines such as, “I know the negative consumes me.” Similarly, he looks at the dangers that come when we allow ourselves to be sucked into all the negative on the slower paced “Dolores” and “Optimism.” Hands down, though, “Generation Loss” is the stand-out track of the album as it speaks directly to the heart of the younger generation - the one’s always judged - and gives them a fist-pumping anthem to stand behind. This album showcases a band discovering their best attributes and bringing all of them out in the best possible ways to create a career defining album. While it’s clearly designed to speak directly to a generation full of the anxiety, depression, and fear that comes with trying to navigate through a confusing world, truth is, we all live in that same world and suffer from all the same things happening around us.


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