Album Review: Glacier Veins - The World You Want to See

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The World You Want to See

Equal Vision Records/Common Ground Collective




What started out as a solo project for Malia Endres in 2015, has turned into so much more. Over the course of the last 5 years, she’s released two EP’s (Clear Your Head and Dreamspace) under the Glacier Veins name and took the trial and error approach to finding the right lineup to take everything to the next level. With The World You Want to See, their first full-length album and debut with Equal Vision Records, it’s safe to say the finalized lineup is perfect and they’ve exceeded all expectations. They waste no time getting right to their signature that is Malia Endres voice as she snarls “Get me out” sans any musical intro, and we’re off and running as they balance on the edge of their modern pop-punk infused style. They then hit you with the 1-2 punch of the singles “Talk” and the modern pop-punk gem “Everything Glows.” By this point you are 100% hooked into this album and are beginning to realize that you’re discovering the genres next huge group! Though Endres voice sits as the centerpiece of their signature sound, the instrumentation is the driving force to the big choruses and memorable hooks, but they don’t rest completely in one place stylistically. They explore different timings on “Set My Mind,” pull in a unique echo-like production effect on “Circles,” give us moodier instrumentation on “Time,” and touch a pure indie rock vibe with “Perception.” They close with “Remember This,” which allows you to glide to the album’s final notes on the pendulum styled melody. The lyrics mostly stay focused on the lessons learned from living through the emotions of everyday life, but even when faced with those tougher moments, still being able to find the silver lining to come out the other side of them with only positive takeaways. Their way of meshing together pop-punk with their self-described “dreamy” pop stylings has allowed them to craft an album that’s so familiar that it instantly pulls you in, but is so completely unique that they’ve set the bar high; challenging the rest of the genre to catch up to it.

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