Album Review: The Deadnotes - Courage

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Indie/punk rockers The Deadnotes have been carving their place amongst the scene for the past nine years, but with Courage, the follow-up to their very successful 2016 release I’ll Kiss The Fear Out Of Your Face, they take another major step forward by giving us an album that takes to a sole concept and delivers a much-needed letter about self-image to today’s hurting and confused world. Our first tastes of the album came through “Hopeless Romantic,” “Never Perfect,” and “Ghost On The Ceiling” - their most current single which gives us a bold challenge that makes us question whether taking the easy way out of our toughest situations instead of facing our fears is the best route to take. Lines such as “you’ve got to love yourself to fall in love with somebody else” on opening track “Makeup,” instantly sets the lyrical tone in motion. As you continue to press through the first half of the album, you’re smacked with catchy guitar driven rock that leans on traditional punk influences and crisp mid-tempo melodies. However, the second half of the album carries a slower, toned down pace and leans more on rich harmonies (“I Must Have Been Blind”) and softer, acoustic tones to deliver messages more bent towards relationships (“Fickle Fake Friend” and “Get Lost, Get Found”). Whereas The Deadnotes fit snuggly into today’s indie rock music scene and run the risk of getting lost in the shuffle, that will only happen if we don’t dig deeper into the lyrics to discover the true gem of this body of work; an album that encourages us to take care of one another by first looking inward and discovering that you’re okay just as you are, being told from the perspective of a band who’s taken their own experiences with hang-ups and fears and worn them on their sleeves.

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