EP Review: Live Well - Winter Jawn

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Winter Jawn

Independent Release




After giving just one spin to Live Well’s new EP Winter Jawn, it makes perfect sense that they recorded 2019’s Perfectly Temporary with Ace Enders as they carry a similar feel to the work of The Early November. “Stay,” the first of the two tracks on this new EP, offers a softer style dripped with a sweeping guitar, before giving way to it’s easy to latch on to melody and Paul Masbad’s lead vocals that perfectly encompass the lyrics that sing of the big dreams he has, in an almost conversation like fashion between him and the girl he’s pining after; “take me back home, I’ll love there,” “show me a house, we’ll build there,” “give me a family, I’ll cry there,” etc. On the flipside, “Classes” gives us an entirely different side of the band. It quickly introduces a much more driving melody as he nostalgically looks back to his college days (maybe high school) and a girl in class with him while painting vivid pictures of the simple moments that mattered so much to him when they “were falling in love” – her cleaning her dirty glasses, the lectures they listened to about the world crumbling, etc. The big twist of this song comes when he reveals that these moments were nothing short of his daydreaming as he sings, “I don’t think you remember my name.” The New York based group has perfectly showcased both sides of what they bring to the table with these two songs, while also delivering their signatures of well-crafted lyrics, gripping melodies, and songs that have an ebb and flow between them as they bounce between different tempo’s and style. Live Well has said that this is only the first of many releases in 2020 from them, and with it, they’ve already left us waiting in anticipation for what comes next!

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