EP Review: Heart to Heart - "Heartbreaker"

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The modern era of professional wrestling has a strong connection with hard rock/alternative music; using these types of songs for pay-per-view themes, indie circuit wrestlers using them for ring entrance music, and even Fozzy, the hard rock outfit fronted by Chris Jericho. It makes sense then, that pro wrestler “Outlandish” Zicky Dice (AKA Nick Zoppo) has always had to balance success between his passion of wrestling and fronting his band Heart to Heart; a band who initially made their mark with two full-length albums and extensive touring. Though they’ve laid low the past few years, Heart to Heart has recently returned with their brand-new EP Heartbreaker and is reintroducing themselves with a sound that sees them digging deeper into their lyrics, songwriting, and developing a style that borrows from their past, but delivers to the modern listener. “All my mistakes, they must have been for something,” snarls Zappo over the crunching guitars of opening track “O Love” as we’re tossed into an album that sees him unafraid to tackle real life situations such as looking into the mirror to discover who we are. Relationship based songs such as the slower paced “Someone (Else)” gets to the root of how’s he feeling by asking the simple question “I dream about you, do you dream about me,” and lead single “Insufferable” takes us directly into the middle of a break-up happening in real time, while songs such as “The (Q)uiet War” tackle the tough subject of mental health struggles. Though they stay squarely in the rock realm throughout the album, Heart to Heart never stays completely set in one place as they wrap several emo and punk rock touches around Zappo’s distinctive, grit fueled vocals that add the honest quality to the lyrics, giving this 6-track EP a solid flow while also not falling into the trap where every song sounds identical to one another.

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