Album Review: Soraia - Dig Your Roots

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Dig Your Roots

Wicked Cool Records




There’s a certain indescribable something that makes rock music so good when it hits just right. Building off the buzz of their last album Dead Reckoning, Soraia teased their new album Dig Your Roots ahead of its release with “Dangerous,” “Wild Woman” and their latest single “Superman Is Gone,” and they found that indescribable groove as they pulled a garage rock vibe into a bar swilling rock crunch that carried a Joan Jett styled brash through lead vocalist ZouZou Mansour. The 1-2 punch of the previously released “Dangerous” and “Wild Woman” opens the album, before pushing you down a road that’s fueled by a variety of different feels that are all rooted in a rock base. Whereas songs such as “Euphoria” and “Evergreen” offer a bluesy element to their guitar driven rock, “Darkness (Is My Only Candle) leans on a simple, catchy guitar riff that tugs you into their indie/garage rock side, and “Way That You Want It” and “Still I Rise” are both straight-forward rockers that carry the influence of the late 1970’s/early 1980’s with shredding guitars and a rhythm that gets you moving. However, in between their rock assault they also take the time to slow the pace and showcase Mansour as the centerpiece. She uses her voice to float you along the softer paced melody on “Firefox,” delivers a wonderful cover of Sinead O’Conner/Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U” that keeps pace with the original while adding all the right nuances to reinvent it and make it their own, and steals the show when she steps out from the instrumentation on the piano based “Don’t Have You” to showcase the power of her voice and lyrics. With so many acts relying on processed beats and cheap recording techniques these days, Soraia sidesteps all that to deliver a pure rock album that’s full of mesmerizing guitar riffs, stellar vocals, and songs that showcase each individual instrument’s personality to give us a collection of strong anthems.

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