EP Review: Eliza & The Delusionals - A State of Living in An Objective Reality

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A State of Living in An Objective Reality

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At the tail end of 2019, Australian based indie rockers Eliza & The Delusionals introduced themselves to the US audience with “Just Exist,” their US single debut that quickly resonated with listeners and found itself atop the charts at SiriusXM’s Alt Nation station. With the announcement of their forthcoming EP A State of Living in An Objective Reality, we were given another taste of what to expect from it with “Pull Apart Heart,” a song that was a little punchier then “Just Exist” and further showcased their fusion of modern indie rock with mid-90’s alternative; something they continue doing perfectly throughout these 5-songs. Led by catchy guitar riffs, “Swimming Pool” opens the EP, and as catchy as it is, it also allows all the proper amount of room for Eliza Klatt to pull you into the song with her sometimes breathy styled vocal that still packs a powerful punch when necessary. You’ll quickly find that memorable guitar riffs, infectious hooks, and incredible vocals that balance against the emotion of the lyrics are all signatures of the group. However, they refuse stay in only one lane within those signatures. “Alive” is the most guitar driven, straight-ahead rocker of the bunch and therefore comes across as the loudest of the 5, where “Feel It All (And Nothing)” closes the album with the fuzz of modern indie rock. This EP is the perfect balance of modern indie rock’s distinctive sound with mid-90’s alternative (think Cranberries) that sings right to the heart of life’s more confusing moments – everything from taking relationship risks (“Swimming Pool”), to dealing with mental health (“Pull Apart Heart” and “Alive”). Eliza & The Delusionals have masterfully showcased just enough of everything they bring to the table, but cleverly leave you wanting more. In only 5-songs, they’ve managed to show us the many reasons why they broke out in such a big way at the end of last year, but more importantly, have also stamped their name down as one of the most buzzworthy of 2020.

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