EP Review: Las Nubes/Palomino Blond - Split EP

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Split EP

BUFU Records



The current rock music scene is very reminiscent of the early 1990’s. There was a time right before radio added underground grunge to their playlists, where what they were playing in heavy rotation felt mostly like watered down pop music with overproduced guitars to make it “rock.” In other words, just like with grunge, there’s a tremendous indie rock scene happening in the underground right now that’s just waiting to burst wide open. Las Nubes and Palomino Blond are two of the band’s who are leading that indie/rock push in Miami, and they’ve teamed up to showcase what each of them do best on their brand-new split EP. Las Nubes hits us with their 2 contributions first; “Demonize” and “Tararear.” The moody instrumentation and lo-fi guitar punch on “Demonize” combines with an eerie, echo in the backing vocals to offer their Sub-Pop infused sound; something they also give us through the melodic touches on “Tararear,” a song that separates itself by uniquely being sung in Spanish. On the flipside, Palomino Blond gives us their many different layers with their contributions; “Seventh Heaven” and “Damage.” Whereas “Seventh Heaven” leans on a psychedelic touched indie rock style to pull us through the nearly 5-minute song, they completely switch gears on “Damage” and give us a short, 2-minute, garage punk sound that’s wrapped with a certain degree of grungy edginess. The contributions from both bands gives us their individual signatures and shows us how each act stands out slightly different from one another. However, they’re also both refreshingly inspired by 1990’s alternative rock – and not the grunge type that’s commonly associated with that era, but rather the raw, underground indie rock that slid it’s way into the mix on radio and held its own amongst the heavyweights.

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