Album Review: The Suicide Machines - Revolution Spring

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Revolution Spring

Fat Wreck Chords



Although it’s been 15 years since their last studio album War Profiteering Is Killing Us All, The Suicide Machines have remained such an influential mainstay on the punk rock scene that it makes perfect sense that their new album Revolution Spring has been met with tremendous anticipation. They tapped Less Than Jake’s bassist Roger Lima to man the production board, teased us with “Awkward Age” and “Anarchist Wedding,” and signed with Fat Wreck Chords to deliver a 16-song package that showcases all the many aspects that make The Suicide Machines one of the elite. The group’s never been afraid to speak their mind about politics and provide social commentary on hot button issues, and we get that on this album with songs such as “Flint Hostage Crisis” and “Detroit Is the New Miami.” But in between their politically charged lyrics, the group has also always delivered top-notch punk rock songs that lean on catchiness and make you jump up and sing along; something they do on “Eternal Contrarian,” “Well Whiskey Wishes,” “Trapped In A Bomb,” and “Potter’s Song.” However, the heart of their sound is rooted in the mid-1990’s brand of ska-punk that they helped establish and they clearly haven’t forgotten where they’ve come from – just spin “Empty Time,” “Impossible Possibilities,” “To Play Ceasar,” and “Simple” and hear it for yourself! Their 1996 debut album Destruction By Definition is always on Top 10 lists and hailed as one of the strongest debut’s, and while Revolution Spring isn’t necessarily a return to form since the band has never left it behind, it strongly rivals their debut as one of the top albums of their entire catalog. This album takes every different aspect of the signature’s the group has given us over their 25 years, and combines all the best elements to give us an incredibly well-balanced snapshot of who they are and where they come from, while still finding ways to move forward within that comfort box as they open up this new chapter.

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