Album Review: Screeching Weasel - Some Freaks of Atavism

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Some Freaks of Atavism

Monona Records




As a life-long Weasel fan, it’s easy to have that knee jerk reaction to this new record; It’s overproduced, not enough punk and too much rock, did Ben start writing with Bryan Adams, etc. Listen, this new era of Screeching Weasel has taken the more polished, well thought out production minded approach on their last few releases and I am nothing but thrilled with that. I think this is a record that grows on you with listens. The fact is, the days of a new, raw Weasel record coming out and kicking you square in the jaw are gone. Not by any fault of the band, but because they’ve been doing this for so long and we’ve all been along for the ride. We know what to expect to some degree. We’re automatically critical if it’s too much of the same, but also if it’s too different. This release is proof that there are getting it just right. This lineup has proven itself. I’ve seen this lineup live a few times and absolutely love it. With my first couple of passes through Some Freaks of Atavism, I think there are some close relations to Bark Like A Dog and Riverdales as far as songwriting is concerned. I love the playful, yet aggressive vocals from front man Ben Weasel as he carries us through this album. The production is solid, the mix gives me those happy skin tingles, the performances are everything that I want, and when it’s final notes are played, I just want more! I still need to digest this record and these songs as individuals more, but early standouts are “Brain in a Jar,” “To Hell With You,” and “Problematic.” I think everyone needs to jump on their streaming service of choice and get this album stuck in your head. I sit here and wait out this current pandemic so we can witness these songs live…eventually. But for now, they should be filling the air in your homes. (Review written by Dave Hyde)

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