Album Review: Violent Soho - Everything Is A-OK

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Everything Is A-OK

Pure Noise Records




Since releasing their debut EP Pigs & T.V. in 2006, Australian rock group Violent Soho has been on a path full of twists, turns, highs, & lows. In late 2019 and the early part of this year, while still riding the wave of their 2016 album Waco earning the #1 slot on the charts, they began giving us tastes of what would come from their fifth studio album Everything Is A-OK through singles “Vacation Forever,” “Lying On The Floor,” and “Pick It Up Again” – all which perfectly outlined their grunge driven, mid-1990’s inspired, alternative rock sound. This is exactly what you can expect as you dig deeper into the album. “Sleep Year” proves to be a great choice for the opening track as it embodies all that we heard on the singles ahead of the album release. The song follows a simple guitar strum that allows the vocals to leap to the front before punching you with the onslaught of the chorus; a similar style can also be heard on “Shelf Life.” Likewise, the simplicity of the music on “Easy” initially draws you into it, but separates itself from the others by leaning heavy on the bass to thump you to the chorus rather than the guitars, which in this song only unleash short, quick bursts of fury to give it another dynamic layer. They round out the album with “A-OK,” the lone slower paced song that is a mostly acoustic offering. Lyrically, this album provides a wonderful snapshot into today’s modern, social media driven world as it leans on the ideas of not being sold on anything other than being exactly who you’re meant to be – regardless of what that looks like. Though Violent Soho is doing their part to stay in their own lane and stray away from being put in the proverbial boxes, Everything Is A-OK certainly sees the band honing in on their signatures to fit uniquely alongside the sound of the mid-1990’s alternative rock, while packing the punch of familiarity and dropping in the slight touches to make this their own.

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