EP Review: The Beautiful Mistake - You're Not Broken. I Am

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You're Not Broken. I Am

Wiretap Records/Disconnect Disconnect Records



When bands like Thursday, Taking Back Sunday, The Used, and Story of the Year broke out to the forefront of the mainstream emo scene in the early 2000’s, there was also an entire tier of bands in that scene who gained a tremendous fanbase and achieved massive amounts of success. One of those bands who exploded on that tier was The Beautiful Mistake; who released monumental albums Light A Match, For I Deserve To Burn and This Is Who You Are. After a 15-year absence (less the few reunion shows in 2018), The Beautiful Mistake teased us with new songs “Memento Mori” and “East of Eden” at the beginning of 2020, and to celebrate their 20th anniversary, they’ve now released a brand-new, 5-song EP You’re Not Broken. I Am. Wisely opening with “Monument,” we’re instantly reintroduced to the moody, darker sound of the band, the scream in the vocals at precise moments to enhance the lyrics, and their incredible ability to move outside the typical lines and incorporate odd time signatures and unexpected changes to tempo. Now that you’re hooked in, they then hit you with the 1-2 punch of previously released singles “Memento Mori” and “East of Eden,” before pulling you into “Decades Away” – the song which is arguably the standout track of the 5 as the talk like scream adds a new feel to the EP. While most of You’re Not Broken. I Am gives us a nostalgic trip down memory lane as it showcases all the familiar signatures and shows us why The Beautiful Mistake were such an important band to the bygone era, there’s also dynamic twists along the way that come so far out of left field (in a good way) that they make you rewind and listen again. In other words, The Beautiful Mistake knows what they do well and they don’t shy away from it, but they also use this EP to dip a toe in the water and test new ground to see how far they can stretch away from what they’ve already done before.

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