Album Review: Smalltown Tigers - Five Things

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Five Things

Area Pirata Records




There’s something about the raw, classic punk rock sound that hits you just right when you hear it. The combination of influences from 1960’s rock-n-roll smashes into its unapologetic stance against the mainstream and keeps it walking its own rebellious path while giving us that specific punch we didn’t know we needed. Since 2018, Italy’s Smalltown Tigers has channeled those influences and poured them into their music. Following the success of “Just Friends,” and riding the wave of their most current single “Five Things,” the trio is now getting set to release their debut mini-album Five Things later this month (April 2020). With the 1-2 punch of “Five Things” and “Just Friends” kicking things off, we’re instantly introduced to their lo-fi, garage punk sound that leans on crunchy guitars, riot grrrl inspired vocals, and brash, in-your face lyrics. They perfectly bookend this beginning with the closing track “The Bitch,” which brings a similar style to the album to close it out. But it’s what’s in between that gives us our full spectrum look at who Smalltown Tigers are overall. While they stay mostly in the garage punk pocket, they offer a lot of bending and stretching to the edges of that proverbial box. “Another Name” takes a page from the Sex Pistols handbook by giving us a snotty flare, they give us an irresistible clap along melody on the Joan Jett infused rocker “I Want It Now,” shift into a vibey, 1960’s surf inspired guitar on “Girl,” and complete the puzzle with a the Bond-like, spy feel of “Darling Please.” Over only 8-songs, Smalltown Tigers gives us all the different pieces of who they are while still retaining their signature sound, but they also keep us guessing as to what will flow from our speakers when the next song plays.

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