Album Review: Easy - Radical Innocence

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Radical Innocence

A Turntable Friend Records




For a band to have a career that started 30 years ago and has been able to sustain their fan base even through a breakup, they must be doing something right! That’s the story for Stockholm, Sweden based indie rock band Easy, who gave us their debut LP Magic Seed some 30 years ago and instantly drew understandable comparisons to acts like The Smiths and Blur. With Radical Innocence, their first album in 10 years, they give us the familiar vibe we’ve come to expect from them, while also finding new ways to perfect on it and make each offering even stronger. Both “Crystal Waves” and “Day For Night” were released as singles ahead of the album and gave us a great snapshot into what we could expect as they blended their distinct indie rock vibe with touches of a 1980’s inspired UK alternative feel comparable to acts such as New Order and Depeche Mode. This is the lane that they mostly travel in throughout the album, whether it’s on the moody “Shadow Pace” or the ambitious 6-minute tracks “Golden Birds” and “Radical Innocence” – the latter which sees them experimenting the most with several different feels that stretch the boundaries of their sound, while masterfully still retaining their signatures but also making it uniquely stand out from the pack. As we role to the close of the album, we’re met with the wonderful lyrics of the slower paced “Southern Water Communities,” before we’re given one final mid-tempo moment with the riveting “To See The Stars.” Easy is a band who knows who they are and what they do well. Radical Innocence sees them refreshingly blending a sound reminiscent of the indie/alternative bands that littered 1980’s era MTV, but it also sees a more mature band than what we’ve heard in the past who’s not afraid to tweak their sound here and there to bring in a kick of experimentation that places them right on the edge of the post-punk line ala bands like Joy Division.

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