EP Review: Can't Swim - When The Dust Settles

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When The Dust Settles

Pure Noise Records




Since bursting onto the scene with their debut EP Death Deserves A Name, Can’t Swim has made a name for themselves with their incredible blending of influences that pull from alternative rock, emo, and post-punk/hardcore. Last October (2019), the group gave us a heavier side on Foreign Language and their singles “Filthy Rich” and “Power.” With the current COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the whole world right now, artists have been finding unique ways to connect with their fans, but Can’t Swim may have also given us a hint into what’s to come by revisiting their past on their new EP When The Dust Settles. The EP, which is a 4-song collection of reimaged versions of popular hits from their back catalog, sheds the heavy, aggressive driven material we’ve heard from them in the recent past and reworks these songs around piano and acoustics to allow the vocals and lyrics to be 100% at the center. Where “Death Deserves A Name” isn’t really all that much of a departure from its original version other than Danny Rico providing leads, “Stranger” and “My Queen” both take on an entirely new feel; the latter, which originally relied on pounding drums and a thumping bass to drag you through the verses before punching it home in the chorus, replaced this instrumentation with strings and fully relies of Chris LoPorto to utilize his voice to tug at your heartstrings as he brings you through the emotionally charged lyrics of false love. For the most part, this EP reveals a whole other side of Can’t Swim. Perhaps, this an inside look at their songwriting process and how it evolves from these raw, acoustic forms to what we hear on the final product. Or maybe it’s more than that? Maybe they’ve just given us an incredible look at what direction they could be heading in with the next release?

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