Album Review: 7candystars - Cherish

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With individual songs so readily available at the click of our fingertips, it takes that extra something special for a debut EP to connect in a way that makes you want to listen to it as a whole body of work. That extra something special, though, is exactly what 7candystars has given us on their 4-song, debut EP Cherish. Two years in the making, the group comprised of Kane Gelaznik and Jason Duarte offered the first taste of the EP a few weeks prior to its release with “Corners,” a song which perfectly showcased their synth driven, heavy alternative rock sound that teeters on the edges of post-punk and moody goth. The hot opening of “Cordial” tosses you right into the EP the moment you hit play and it certainly showcases their influence of Bush. However, as familiar as the sound may be initially, 7candystars quickly separates themselves from it by digging deeper into their heavier side and uniquely fusing their electronic touches with a post-grunge style. In a bit of a contrast, whereas “Cordial” gets right to it, “Silver” relies on an incredible 35-second build that methodically swirls a fury of different sounds around you to peak your anticipation, before giving way to a moody, synth infused sound that leans into the crunch of the guitars and the stellar, deep throated vocals to hammer home the song. No two songs on the EP sound completely identical to one another, which gives you a full spectrum look at who they are as a band overall. However, you’ll still be able to pick out their specific signatures as they blend dark, moody electronica into a goth driven alternative sound that carries enough of an old school feel to be enticing, but adds all perfect twists and turns within modern melodies to capture your attention as it refreshingly stands out on its own.

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