EP Review: Go For Gold - Color Me

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Color Me

InVogue Records




2020’s been a huge year for Arkansas based group Go For Gold. Upon signing with InVogue Records, they released a new single “Let Me Go,” teased their upcoming EP with the song “At Home,” and have now released that said EP – Color Me. “At Home” gave us a band who comfortably combined traces of early 2000’s era pop-punk and emo with a fresh, modern vibe; Something they also continue to do for 50% of the EP with other songs that fit this mold such as “Hate To See You Go” and “Loser.” However, it’s what they’ve sandwiched in between these familiar bookends that’s most exciting to us. In quite the contrast to what we’ve already heard from them, “Forget About It” showcases their tremendous growth as songwriters as they dip way outside of their comfort zone and into more of a mid-to-late 1990’s alternative sound that walks gingerly alongside the post-grunge line bringing them into the territory of bands like Local H. Likewise, they stay in that 1990’s alternative influence on “Tone,” a track that tilts into the indie rock side of the alternative music similar to what you’d find Matt Pinfield playing on MTV’s 120 Minutes back in the day alongside acts like Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh. There’s certainly an emo influence running through the veins of Go For Gold with several bursts of pop-punk ideals fused into the mix, but they’ve also shown us their incredible ability to turn several different corners on Color Me. They clearly had an idea in mind when using these 6-songs for this EP; lean on the familiarity of what people know from us to first grab their attention, then hit them with an entirely new, direction that they don’t see coming. They’ve masterfully achieved this goal as they’ve completely uncovered a whole new layer into who they are as a band and where they’re taking their music as they open their next chapter.


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