Album Review: Satori Vs. Dr. Echo - Dub Defender Sessions

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Dub Defender Sessions

Anicca Records




Dub reggae is an all-around cure when you’re needing that feel good vibe to pull you into a totally chill mood. Legendary artists such as Desmond Dekker, King Tubby, and Toots & The Maytals, all laid the groundwork for this specific style of reggae and provided influence to musicians like Steven Jess Borth II, who many will recognize from his time with the RX Bandits. By tapping into his love of dub reggae on what started out as his side-project Satori, and teaming up with Justin DeHart (aka Dr. Echo), the twosome created a collection of dub originals between 2007-2009 that’s never seen the light of day – until now! We got our first taste of the 11-track Dub Defender Sessions with “Decision,” but diving into the album gives us a full view of the entire spectrum. Like with “Decision,” wherever you find the more lyrical driven of the songs, such as “Mountain Meditation Dub” or “Change Is Great,” they sing of accepting the inevitable changes of life and finding inner peace. However, this album shines most in the ambient feel that relies solely on the classic dub style to pull you into the mostly instrumental based songs – “Little Do They Know,” “Intimate Dubolution,” and “I Dub To Follow Through.” The perfect marriage of both sides, lyrical and instrumental, comes on “Nowhere” - a track that sits in the dub reggae pocket, but when the lyrics are fused in they sing a relatable tale of someone not being there when you needed them to be the most. As an additional bonus, the end of the album also includes the track only versions of “Change Is Great,” “Nowhere,” and “Decision.” Dub reggae is such a niche genre that it can only be performed with raw honesty by those who carry a true love for it. That necessary love radiates thorough your speakers on Dub Defender Sessions as Borth II and DeHart don’t try to change things and make it their own, but rather, they honor the traditional style while attempting to walk alongside its pioneers.

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