Film Review: Lennon and McCartney: Hello From Liverpool

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Is there a bigger band in the world than The Beatles?

Every library has shelves lined with countless books written about the band, every movie catalog includes films made about them, radio stations across the country include programming such as “Breakfast with the Beatles,” and an entire SiriusXM channel (The Beatles Channel #18) is dedicated to playing the groups’ music, interviews, rare releases, solo material, and more!

Their popularity is still prevalent, their influence is still felt, and each new generation of kids seems to still be discovering their timeless music underneath headphones in bedrooms around the world.

So, what more can really be said about the band that hasn’t been said before? The truth is, not much! The new film Lennon & McCartney: Hello From Liverpool takes it’s swing at exploring the depth of John Lennon and Paul McCartney as songwriters and how their different approaches added a unique flavor to The Beatles that worked together to propel them to stardom.

Through interviews with singer/songwriter Sid Griffin, author/music historian Dr. Jennifer Otter Bickerdike, manager Tony Calder, and vintage press interviews with George Martin and Lennon & McCartney, the film takes us through several significant moments that shaped The Beatles and each of the group’s two main songwriters as individuals in the band’s aftermath:

  • McCartney meeting, and eventually joining, John Lennon’s skiffle band The Quarrymen.
  • How the vision of band manager Brian Epstein helped launch their careers to new heights.
  • Their monumental 1963 Royal Variety performance.
  • Their willingness to take songwriting risks that others weren’t doing at the time.
  • Lennon’s controversial comments about The Beatles being bigger than Jesus.
  • Lennon meeting Yoko Ono and the affects it had on the band.
  • The Paul is dead rumor of the late 1960’s.
  • The Beatles breakup and their thriving solo projects that followed.
  • The tragic murder of John Lennon and the affect it had on McCartney.
  • Paul losing his wife Linda and childhood friend/Beatles guitarist George Harrison to cancer.
  • Paul’s marriage to Nancy Shevell.
  • Paul’s music still being relevant and his working with today’s artists such as Kayne West, Ryan Tedder, and more!

Though this film doesn’t really break any new ground for the longtime fan, it’s certainly a good starting point for that newcomer; the aforementioned kid who’s sitting under the headphones listening to his parent’s old Beatles record’s that wants to know more and is needing a launching pad of where to start their digging into the greatest band and songwriting duo in music history.


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