Film Review: The Used - Live at MTV’s $2 Bill 2005

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Live at MTV’s $2 Bill 2005









Having just recently released their 8th studio album Heartwork, we thought it’d be fun to go back in time to where it was all really starting to accelerate for The Used. By 2005, they would’ve already experienced Top 20 chart success with “The Taste of Ink,” “Buried Myself Alive,” “Take It Away,” and “All That I’ve Got,” while this particular performance would have happened on an off day from the Taste of Chaos tour that they were headlining.

Filmed for MTV2’s $2 Bill concert series at the Dome Theatre in Niagara Falls, NY, the original lineup of the band - Bert McCracken (lead vocals), Jeph Howard (bass), Quinn Allman (guitar), and Branden Steineckert (drums) – pulls you through a quick, 5-song set that was dominated by tracks from their current album at the time; In Love and Death.

The packed house was ready to rock from the moment the band hit the stage with “Take It Away.” Before McCracken even instructed “everybody sing!”  and “put your hands up,” the crowd was already screaming the lyrics back at the band as they pumped fists in the air throughout the beginning of the song. 

Feeding off the non-stop energy of the band, the crowd continued to be invested in each song. They were happy to oblige Bert’s request of, “when we come back in, I want to see everyone jumping,” during “Listening,” the screamed along every time the line “I’m melting” came round during “I Caught Fire,” and predictably went nuts during “The Taste of Ink” by singing with each word and clapping along with the beat.

Though the band has gone through some personal changes since 2005, some things never change! To appreciate the music on Heartwork, we feel it’s imperative to look back on the earlier material and get reacquainted with what made them a household name to begin with. This is the era they pull a lot of the style on their new album from, and by watching just this quick 20-minute set you can clearly see how they pull their energy from the stage and put it directly into their albums.


1. Take It Away

2. Listening

3. I Caught Fire

4. The Taste of Ink

5. All That I’ve Got


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