Film Review: Foo Fighters - MTV World Stage Barcelona 2017

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MTV World Stage Barcelona 2017









Foo Fighters have become the quintessential alternative rock band that you can always count to deliver solid music. They’re classic sound fit perfectly with the grunge era they were born from in the mid 1990’s, they continued to experiment and grow their sound as the music landscape changed around them, and have become the innovative leader’s that everyone else is trying to catch up with.

While on tour in 2017 for their most current, full-length album Concrete and Gold, they stopped at the very intimate BARTS Theatre in Barcelona, Spain for a secret show that was captured by MTV’s cameras as part of their World Stage series – a show that would be nominated for a MTV EMA (MTV Europe Music Award) in the “Best World Stage” category.

PLEASE NOTE: We are only looking at the 8-songs from the performance that aired on MTV television and not the entire 25-song set. 

“All my life I’ve been searching for something, something never comes never leads to nothing...” Dave Grohl sings as he pulls the popular song to a pause before igniting the crowd with a rousing “alright!” And as the band kicked in and the song took off, the crowd jumped, threw rock hands in the air, and banged their heads. Interestingly, after such a rocking open that tore the roof of the place, Dave Grohl and company pushed right into the groove driven “The Sky Is a Neighborhood,” quickly followed by “The Line.”

The crowd stayed invested during these newer songs (at the time), but it was clear they wanted to be part of the back catalog as they clapped along with the rhythm of “Monkey Wrench” and sang along with “Times Like These” as Grohl played the song solo for the entire first half of it, before being rejoined by the band on stage.

“Best Of You” provided the show-stopping moment, though, as the crowd took over the “oh oh oh” in the middle of the song as Grohl stepped back from the microphone to stand alongside his bandmates and soak it all in.

“Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen,” he exclaimed showing his gratefulness and gratitude for their incredible support. “That was an amazing show!”

The set list was drastically cut for television airing purposes as we mentioned earlier. Noticeable cuts from the TV spot verses the full set includes, “I’ll Stick Around,” “The Pretender,” “Learn To Fly,” “My Hero,” “Breakout,” “This Is A Call,” and “Big Me.” However, by airing what performances they did, MTV gave us just enough of a tease as to why Foo Fighters are often hailed as one of rock music’s elites and has us anticipating the fall (2020) when the band can get back on the road and do what they do best!

SET LIST (that aired on television)

1. All My Life

2. The Sky Is a Neighborhood

3. The Line

4. Monkey Wrench

5. Run

6. Times Like These

7. Best of You

8. Everlong


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