Film Review: Rancid - Lollapalooza Brazil 2017

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Lollapalooza Brazil 2017









When it comes to modern punk rock icons, is there any bigger than Rancid? They’ve never wavered on their punk rock cred since “Salvation” first hit mainstream radio, upheld the legacy placed before them by bands such as The Clash and The Specials with their throwback sound on songs like “Timebomb” and “Hooligans,” and have stayed undeniably true to who they are with every new album they’ve put out.

Back in 1996, I stood in the fields at the Winnebago County Fairgrounds in Northern Illinois for Lollapalooza, and I watched Rancid deliver an incredibly powerful set that made a tremendous impact on me!

It took them 25 years, but fast-forward to March of 2017 and Rancid returned to the Lollapalooza stage in front of 100,000+ for their first ever show in Brazil.

The crowd was revved up the moment that Tim Armstrong stepped on stage to start the show with “Radio” ; singing and playing the intro of the song solo with only the crowd’s voices accompanying him before being joined on stage by the rest of the band who kicked the song into gear and instantly had the crowd jumping along with it.

“Roots Radicals,” “Journey To The End,” and “Maxwell’s Murder” followed, before Armstrong took a breath to address the crowd in the middle of “The 11th Hour” – “this song is about never giving up when times are hard. This song is about standing by your friends and your family.”

They continued rolling through their hour-long set and pulled the crowd further and further into it. They sang along with Armstrong through the intro of “East Bay Night,” screamed out every lyric of “Fall Back Down,” and danced along with “Old Friend,” which included an appearance from Kevin Bivona of The Interrupters on keys.

Lars Fredericksen offered two big dedications during their set as well; “This next song is written about Rancid, but we’re gonna send it out to our friends in Metallica (who played that same day)” before they played “Last One To Die,” and “This song is for Lemmy. The world is a much more fucked up place without you” before they closed out their set with “Ruby Soho.”

Where most bands tend to shy away from their back catalog, Rancid clearly embraces theirs. Although, nearly half of their 20-song set was lifted from their monumental …And Out Come The Wolves album, they systematically included at least one song from every album that had been released up to that point; from the newer material with “Honor Is All We Know,” all the way back to “The Bottle” from Rancid (1993), and all things in-between.

Above all else, though, Rancid is a band who still loves what they do and are grateful for all their fans! They clearly show that throughout this performance when they frequently thank them for all their support over the years, wear smiles on their faces when the crowd sings along with the lyrics, and invites them to get a glimpse of their lives as they share their personal history through song!


1. Radio

2. Roots Radicals

3. Journey To The End

4. Maxwell’s Murder

5. The 11th Hour

6. East Bay Night

7. Last One To Die

8. Dead Bodies

9. Salvation

10. Bloodclot

11. Old Friend

12. The Bottle

13. St. Mary

14. Tenderloin

15. Olympia, WA

16. Honor Is All We Know

17. It’s Quite Alright

18. Fall Back Down

19. Timebomb

20. Ruby Soho


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