Film Review: Story of the Year - MTV2 Hard Rock Live 2004

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MTV2 Hard Rock Live 2004








The music world was a much different landscape back in 2004 in comparison to what it is today. Radio still mattered, album cuts spoke as much as singles, and MTV played a major role in moving bands to their next level. That’s the case with the performance we’re looking at from Story of the Year on MTV2’s Hard Rock Live.

The band was just really starting to push to their next level when this was taped in June of 2004. They were out on tour for their incredible debut album Page Avenue, “Until the Day I Die” and “Anthem of Our Dying Day” had put them on the map, and the crowd poured into the Orlando venue to whole-heartedly support the then new act.

From the get go with opening song “And the Hero Will Drown,” the band showed their pure, unbridled energy as they bounced back and forth across the stage, frequently switching spots with one another as the crowd raised their arms in the air, started a pit, and literally screamed along with each lyric. In the middle of the song, lead singer Dan Marsala encouraged the crowd by saying, “I want to see everybody jumping with us right now,” and the energetic crowd was happy to respond accordingly.

Predictably, the crowd lent their voices to the two smash hits, “Until the Day I Die” and “Anthem of Our Dying Day,” but they were also invested in each deep cut that the band played during their quick set just as much.

They clapped along with the intro of “Dive Right In” before pumping fists in the air with the crunch of the guitars and catching Marsala as he stage-dived into their waiting arms. They also lit up with circle pits, body surfing, and stage diving during “In The Shadows,” all fueled by incredible on-stage energy from the band which saw them jumping of their cabinet’s and slamming the notes into their instruments as they played. 

I’ve always loved when MTV had television shows like this because it gave the band the opportunity to make a real quick impression and get you hyped for when they came on tour to your town; like they did right around the same time as this performance when they came to Chicago and I first saw them on the Nintendo Fusion Tour.

The crowds (like this one) back then were a bit rowdier and just as much a part of the show as the band. Looking back on shows like this gives us all those nostalgic vibes, but also reminds us that crowds today don’t just have to stand there with their phones in their airs recording everything and can loosen up and have fun again!


1. And the Hero Will Drown

2. Anthem of Our Dying Day

3. Dive Right In

4. Until the Day I Die

5. In the Shadows


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