EP Review: 18th & Addison - Old Blues/Modern Love

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Old Blues/Modern Love

Wiretap Records




Finding a style that you can call your own is a lot more difficult than it seems these days, but that’s exactly what New Jersey based 18th & Addison have been doing since 2014. The duo (Tom Kunzman and Kait DiBenedetto) has released two EPs, a full-length album, and has several regional tours on their resume, all while carving out their niche amongst a pop-punk scene that is oftentimes overcrowded. Their newest EP Old Blues/Modern Love continues stamping out their place amongst the pack. “When I’m Alone” opens that 4-song EP and instantly grabs you with the type of energetic guitar riffs that make you want to see the band perform live so you can watch them spin around while they play them. These riffs then give way to a modern pop infused punk rock style that keeps you moving the way that a good energetic song should. But as they pull you into “Drag,” you’ll quickly realize that 18th & Addison never stays put in one place with their sound. Kait DiBenedetto takes over the leads on this one and delivers clap-a-long power pop gem. “Leeches,” the lead single, presents another aspect the duo offers as it layers both of their vocals together to create a blend that powerfully carries you through lyrics that encourage you to hang in there when life gets tough. The only consistent signature from song-to-song is the raw energy that each one carries within it, with the exception to that being the acoustic closer, “Minutes Like Fireflies” – the tug at your heart song where DiBenedetto delivers a lyric about holding on to the last goodbye and treasuring the memories you’re leaving behind. These 4 tracks, albeit completely different from another, seem to be put together with the thoughtful design to showcase all the different sides of what 18th & Addison offers, and is perhaps, a small snapshot of what’s coming next from them.

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