Album Review: Band of Skulls - Love Is All You Love

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Love Is All You Love

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2019 has been a huge year for UK indie/garage rock group Band of Skulls. They celebrate the 10th anniversary of their debut album Baby Darling Doll Face Honey with a special deluxe book edition that includes two vinyl albums, four CD’s, live recordings, and much more. However, as much as they celebrate their beginnings, they also take the next step forward with the release of their fifth studio album Love Is All You Love. Led by original members Russell Marsden and Emma Richardson, Band of Skulls pulls you through an album that explores more electronic elements then they had previously done thanks in part to drummer Matt Heyward exiting the band and working with producer Richard X on the album. The catchy simplicity of “That’s My Trouble,” the second track on the album, gets you bopping along as the guitars pull you to the chorus where they dare you to clap-a-long with them (even putting claps of their own in there to guide you along). And although songs like “Gold” and lead single “Cool Your Battles” are moody at times in their instrumentation, they pull a similar catchiness to the forefront of the chorus to keep with their signature feel. The guitar work plays a prominent role in driving each song, but when Marsden and Richardson swap vocals back and forth, such as on “Not That Kind of Nothing” and “We’re Alive,” they showcase the full depth of their overall sound as they uphold the old saying, “better together.” Love Is All You Love explores some new territory for the band, but still maintains their familiar, edgy, indie rock feel that harkens back to the earliest days of CBGBs where bands such as Television and the Talking Heads dared to be different and weren’t afraid to take some necessary risks.

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