Album Review: Dudley Taft - Simple Life

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Simple Life

American Blues Artist Group




Don’t let the black cowboy hat and outlaw country look of Dudley Taft fool you. Since 2008, this blues heavy rocker has been carving out a successful solo career for himself, and with his new release Simple Life, his first since 2017’s Summer Rain, Taft delivers a body of work that is sure to satisfy your guitar loving soul. From the opening drum beat and swampy guitars of album opener/lead single “Give Me A Song,” you know that you are in for something special as Taft gets you singing along with him during the catchy chorus. As you press ahead, the album’s title track “Simple Life” pulls you in with a classic rock guitar intro that harkens back to the 1970s and the Southern rock of the day – a similar feature can be heard on songs such as “Don’t Let Them Get Away” as well. Big guitars give Taft’s overall feel a signature sound as they continue to be a driving force of this album whether it be on songs such as “In Your Face” and “Never Fade,” or when he dips into his heavy blues influence on “I Can’t Live Without You.” However, it’s when you go a bit deeper past the great guitar work that you discover the lyrics, which are the true anchor that holds this entire album together - these are songs about life; the good stuff, the tough stuff, the confusing stuff, and the stuff worth celebrating such as new love. Classify Dudley Taft’s music as you will – whether it be blues rock, good ole rock-n-roll, outlaw country, or Southern rock – the bottom line is that if you are looking for a top-notch guitarist, a solid songwriter, relatable songs about every day life and living, and an album that will soothe your hard rockin’ edge, then you need to not look any further than Simple Life.

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