EP Review: Silver - Let's Talk Tomorrow About Last Night

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Let’s Talk Tomorrow About Last Night

Loud As Folk




Whoever said that guitar driven rock-n-roll is going out of style, has clearly never given a listen to the music of the band Silver. The Reno based quintet emerged onto the music scene with their 2016 EP Rock n’ Roll Is Dead and quickly made a fan of Joe Johnston, the studio engineer who is most recognized for his work on Cake’s Prolonging the Magic which featured the smash single “Never There.” With Johnston on board as engineer, Silver entered his studio in early 2019 to record their sophomore EP Let’s Talk Tomorrow About Last Night. The moment you hit play and “Live Again” begins, it’s obvious that guitar infused roots rock (think Tom Petty) plays an influential role on Silver - a sound that continues to be showcased as you move forward into “Good Enough.” However, the group stands to prove they are no one trick ponies with songs such as “Wait,” A twang-infused ditty that fits snuggly into the wide-open Americana genre, or “Go Home,” a late 1960s influenced bop-a-long rocker that sounds like it was plucked right out of the “Get Back” sessions from the Fab Four and even includes a Paul McCartney type of “owwwww” in the middle of the song. The raspiness of the melody laden vocals are a centerpiece to what makes this EP shine, but Silver is smart enough to also allow the perfect amounts of room for the guitars to carry the drive of the songs. What Silver does best, though, is pull strongly from all their influences to make each song have an instant familiarity to our listening ears, but they never get so stuck in honoring those said influences that they forget to make each song uniquely have their own twist and feel.

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