EP Review: Vinnie Caruana - Aging Frontman

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Aging Frontman

Know Hope Records




Most recognized for his time as the front man of renowned acts The Movielife and I Am the Avalanche, Vinnie Caruana embarks on his most personal journey to date with his newest solo EP Aging Frontman. He invites the listener to come into his personal life throughout these 6 tracks, but as such with life, they are a bit all over the place, yet come together cohesively - that’s exactly what makes this work as well as it does. He opens the EP with lead single “Better,” a simple folksy driven song that allows room for his vocals to shine as he sings a declaration of knowing that while he can’t undo the mistakes of his past, he can (and does) choose to live life from here on out on the right side of things to make up for those past wrongdoings. In quite the same way, Caruana uses a lyric of looking back in order to understand where he’s at today and how take that next scary step forward on “Providence” with lines such as, “Free from the ones who taught me to keep looking backwards.” But as said earlier, this EP is a bit all over the place as you’ll find on the one minute instrumental “I Love You, Please Watch Over Us,” and “Tex “The Rock” Johnson,” which in its simplicity combines with a mono type of recording to give this a feel of the great 1960s garage band sound. Any music worth its salt needs to come from someplace that is deep within the songwriter’s soul. That’s what gives it the raw, realness to draw a listener in and help them connect to it. That’s what Caruana has done on Aging Frontman. This is gritty real life – all the ups, downs, introspective thoughts, and eureka moments spread out over 6-tracks.

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